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You can learn the rules while playing
versus the CPU. All you have to do is read the messages that
explain why you lost or won.

Each pack of the Gypsy Cards has forty cards; ten cards for each suite.

The suites are: Gold (coins), Cups, Club and Spades (swords).

The cards are numbered: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11,12 (ten cards per suite).
Notice that they're NO 8's and 9's in the pack.

Only the cards numbered 1,3,10,11,12 worth points (called 'Briscas').
The point system is as follow: 1=11 points, 3=10 pnts., 10=2 pnts.,
11=3 pnts., 12=4 pnts. All other cards have no point value.

There is a total of 120 points in each pack of cards. If each player
makes 60 points then there is a tie.

To start the game, the cards are shuffled and then dealt face down,
3 to each player. After dealing the hand, one card from the deck is
placed face up on the table. This card represents the "LIFE".
The rest of the deck is placed face down next to the "Life".

The dealer plays last. If a second game is played, the loser deals.

Gameplay is as follow; the person who didn't deal goes first.
He plays one card, then the dealer plays one card.

The object is to "kill" the other players card. The player that "kills"
keeps the cards in another pile, and is the first to pick-up a new card.

Always have 3 cards unless they aren't any more in the pickup pile.
(including the card that represents 'Life').


"LIFE" kills all cards except another "Life" of higher value.
Example; a 3 of "Life" kills a 12 of "Life" but a 12 of "Life" can kill
a '1' of ANY other suite.

You can "kill" if your card is higher in number, than the other players
SAME suite.
Example; 5 of any suite (except 'Life') kills 2 of the same suite, but that
5 doesn't kill a '1' of the same suite (1 is worth 11 pnts, 5 is worthless).

Check and see that you can learn while you play.